LOVE IS (SERIES) by k.p.k

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Marilyn Monroe in Korea, February 1954.

Ophelia ressurected

Joan Jett and Jackie FoxPhoto: Brad Elterman


Winona Ryder in Night on Earth,1991

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"Was it right to kiss his mother or wrong to kiss his mother? What did it mean, to kiss? You put your face up like that to say good night and then his mother put her face down. That was to kiss. His mother put her lips on his cheek; her lips were soft and they wetted his cheek; and they made a tiny little noise: kiss. Why did people do that with their two faces?"
- James Joyce, Portrait of the artist as a young man


I’ve been having a horrible time
Pulling myself together
I’ve been closing my eyes to find
Why all good things should fall apart

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